Anna Faris Live-Tweets Getting Ready for a Premiere, and It's Brilliant

For most of us, it was a regular Wednesday. For movie star Chris Pratt, it was the Los Angeles premiere of his new film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Luckily for us—and unluckily for him—Pratt had his wife, fellow actor Anna Faris, on hand to share every single moment of the couple's pre-premiere routine.

Faris, 40, live-tweeted her day from wake up to red carpet. And it was pure brilliance, complete with poor picture-taking skills.

She begins her day the same way most of us probably do: making her way to the shower only to get back into bed.

Then Pratt came home!

Here we check in with her son, Jack.

It's the classic post-shower old eye makeup scenario.

We continue.

A healthy breakfast.

Pause in live-tweets to share cute couple photo.

Some excellent picture taking from Faris.

One Twitter user corrected her previous tweet, and she addressed it like the honest woman she is.

Now, we get a tour through her closet.

And I don't know what this is.

Here is the Pratt/Faris garage. It has a yellow car inside.

We, too, would like to soak our feet in this.

Pedicure time.

Hair time.

I really don't know how Faris can be so bad at taking photos.

Pratt's got his eye masks on. And his war paint.

To which Pratt responded with:

Faris then took us outside to check on her son.

And then it was back to makeup.

We were running late at the jewelry-picking point.

But she took time to talk us through underwear choices. Thanks, Faris.

And finally. In the car with a very attractive selfie.

Thank you, Faris. You are an absolute delight.