Bow Down, Beyoncé Just Threw the Best Birthday Party

Beyoncé threw the best party ever in New York City last night.

No, we weren't invited. Yes, we are mad about that. But don't worry—there are plenty of photos from inside the Bey-day bash. And absolutely everyone was there (well, everyone except Sarah Jessica Parker). Seriously, you've never been to a party like this.

Never mind that Queen Bey had already spent the weekend partying with the Obamas and the Clintons at the Made in America festival. That was just a warmup.

The theme of her 35th birthday bash was Soul Train. The fashion was freaking incredible. So let's get to what you came here for: the pictures.

Beyonce and Jay Z's first outfit of the night (because you know, one is never enough).

#Beyonce & Jay Z arriving at her Soul Train-themed birthday party last night in NYC

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Here's outfit #2. We'll let you decide which one you prefer.

Beyoncé's #SoulTrain themed birthday party last night

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Only Beyoncé could make these glasses look good.

Beyoncé's #SoulTrain themed birthday party last night

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And her sister, Solange, of course.

Here are Jay Z and Usher, looking cooler than ever (and also about 19 years old).

Beyoncé's #SoulTrain themed birthday party tonight.

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And of course, no party is complete without Blue Ivy dancing with her mom.

#Beyonce & Blue dancing to #WorkItOut last night

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Bey and Jay bringing the moves straight from the '70s to now.

Beyoncé x Jay Z dancing #SoulTrainThemedBDayParty

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And P. Diddy and Cassie also took a ride on the Soul Train.

#Diddy and #Cassie attended #Beyonce 's 35th #soultrain themed birthday party last night. #Mediaoutrage

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As did Michelle Williams.

Kelly Rowland dressed as Donna Summers, and chilled with Serena Williams.

Here are Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz looking low-fi fabulous as usual.

What we would have given to have been invited to this…

Happy birthday, Bey. Please save us a couple of spots on the list for next year.


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