11 Body Positive Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

We’re all pretty sick of “fitspiration”.

Instagram accounts dedicated to showing you perfectly-toned abs and "before" and "after" weight-loss shots are just depressing. Everyone’s been down that black hole: you look at one photo, and then another, and another… until finally, you’re 178 weeks deep into some model’s photo-a-day feed.

It's not only depressing, it’s boring. So stop following those accounts and start following these ones.

These women show themselves in a happy, positive way without obsessing over perfection. They’re normal people, who don’t have necessarily have time to spend six hours a day in the gym, and they're perfectly content with that.

These women should be your body inspiration. Check them out.

 1. Lena Dunham

The Girls creator is always posting pics of herself, and whether it's in a strange outfit choice, or just wearing not much at all, she's always looks very chill with it. "It" being her body, her style, the world at large…whatever.

America: the lucky home of these fine young democrats

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2. Nike Women

The sports brand recently posted pics from a new campaign with models of all shapes and sizes, as well as super strong women like Serena Williams and Simone Biles.

Be scared of not trying. #justdoit ⠀ 👀 @simonebiles ⠀ #nike #workout #motivation

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 3. Ashley Graham

The curvy model often posts inspirational body love quotes, as well as sexy shots of her incredible "swim body", a term she prefers over "bikini body".

4. Stylehasnosize

A gorgeous mix of self-love quotes and style inspiration for all women.

 5. Alternativecurves

A celebration of tattoos, curves and bold hair choices.

Girl! Our hair is the same color!!! - @megmodels { if you would like a chance to be featured please use the #alternativecurves hashtag, we do not feature from DM's } /// #Repost @gothess.jasmine ・・・ After a failed attempt of a live GRWM, I just decided to post the before and after. Thank you to those who were watching and supporting! I'll try again soon! ☢💀☢ Face: @urbandecaycosmetics All Nighter foundation in 11.0 & Naked illuminated highlighter in LIT @lagirlcosmetics concealer in Toffee @blackradiancebeauty pressed powder in Golden Almond and blush in Warm Berry Brows: @lacolorscosmetics pencil and @nyxcosmetics shadow in Raven Eyes: @nyxcosmetics Milk pencil, Ultimate Brights shadows & Loose Pearl powder in Rust @lacolorscosmetics loose shadow in Sunshine @wetnwildbeauty waterproof liquid liner (and for heart) @ardell_lashes @nyxcosmetics glam liner in 24k for freckles Lips: @rubykissescosmetics Matte lip in Blackism and @blackradiancebeauty lip in 5009A ☢💀☢

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Im on that 90s steez playback too, you guys @ushshi (tag #alternativecurves to be featured)

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6. Winnie Harlow

She has vitiligo, a condition that results in the loss of skin color from blotches on the skin, but it hasn't stopped her from dominating the fashion scene.

somethings brewing 👅

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Cock up yuh bumpa

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 7. @MyPaleSkinBlog

"Self-taught makeup lover" Em Ford shows her natural face and gives honest tutorials in how she covers blemishes.

 8. Amy Schumer

She'll never make you feel bad about eating cake or skipping a gym session. And she's perfectly happy to show herself looking both glamorous and totally natural at the beach.

I couldn't love @markseliger more.

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 9. Hari Nef

The transgender model celebrates diversity and intersectional feminism.

10. Loveyourlines

Wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. We all have them, and this Instagram account celebrates them all.

"love your body. stretch marks and all." // photo: @deunivory || muse: @_ohbrenda_

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11. Valerie Sagun a.k.a. biggalyoga. 

Sagun celebrates yoga as a practice for meditation and self-care, and celebrates all the bodies that do it. her account is a great reminder your salutes to the sun are about way more than pursuing a certain body ideal.

Hey everyone, is been awhile! This week feels like a blur, mostly because I feel like I've been sucked into the Pokemon Go world right now, hahahaha! Started late and going strong this week ✌. As much as I've become a zombie, I've loved that such a childhood thing is so fun and relevant right now, and that I've walked so damn much! I have come home exhausted from just walking around trying to level up catching all that I can! 😅 Great job Niantic and The Pokemon Company for getting people out there moving. Stay safe though! I will be teaching again at @curvygirllingerie on August 21st so sign up at my eventbrite! Direct link in my description: ://www.eventbrite.com/e/yoga-for-all-bodies-with-big-gal-yoga-tickets-26958610931 Top and leggings by @JCPenney Boutique Mat by @liforme 💚

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Happy to share the photo I posed for Substantia Jones awhile back for her Adipositivity Project! Sadly social media is all about that censorship, so fuck that and check out her website for the photo! Even though I had taken a photo of myself nude before, I was still a bit nervous to be photographed by someone else. My nakey butt on the grass was nice though and could have stayed there all day bathing in the sun. Though it was a very gracious lady's house and that would have been weird, lol! When I keep promoting body positivity, sometimes I feel so neutralized to it, that I forget that we still need images like these to share. Direct link in description: http://goo.gl/LqcPtx #nudeyoga #biggalyoga #adipositivityproject #adiposer #Adipositivity #substantiajones #freethefat #freethenipple #radicalselflove #fuckfatphobia #chublove #mybody #unapologeticallyme #yogabodyproject #myyogabody #yogalove #effyourbodystandards #effyourbeautystandards

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