'A Love Letter to My Dry Shampoo'

My dearest dry shampoo,

I truly owe you so much.

"Fake it 'til you make it" had no meaning until I met you. Because of your existence, I am able to look like a semi-put together human instead of a pitiful slob—even on the most hectic days.

A mere spritz of you can make it appear as though I've taken a long, detail-oriented shower; a ritual known only as a luxury to me these days.

It is for this reason I love you so dearly: You ask for so little, yet you give so much. I just can't quit you, and your selfless heart is to blame.

The lover in question, Batiste dry shampoo, $7.99. (Image via Ulta.com.)

The journey to you wasn't easy, however.

I tried every dry shampoo on the market, but our courtships were always short-lived. They always left me wanting, unsatisfied, and with tons of product build-up.

I grew hopeless, certain I would die alone and oily-haired.

But then, like a ship in the night, you came along and saved me. Thanks to you, I never have to know another frazzled morning or mid-day realization that I am unfresh and still many hours from being able to shower.

I've felt what unwavering support feels like, and there's no going back.

Yours always,