How to Make Your Baby Say "Mom" Before "Dad", According to Science

Most mothers want one thing.

They want their kid's first word to be "mama" not "dada", therefore proving they are the better, and more loved parent.

Sure, it's not logical, but hey, the heart wants what it wants. So moms everywhere are repeating the word "mama" to their kid every chance they get.

Unfortunately a baby's first word is not something you can really control right?


According to a new study, you might have some influence on that first word after all.

Researchers at Indiana University and the Georgia Institute of Technology, have found that a baby’s first words are more likely to be tied to their visual experiences (seeing mom constantly) than their verbal experiences (hearing the word mom).

Researchers strapped cameras to babies heads (seriously) to better understand what the world looks like from their vantage point. Reviewing the footage they found that babies see a lot less than we might have previously assumed. Sure they might be in the same room as you, but they are looking at completely different things.

An infant's visual memory is directly connected to their language development. Babies connect words to the things they actually see. The more they see something, the more likely they are to recognize it and attach a word to it.

Basically, the more they see something, like say your face, the more likely they are to say the word for it.

My boyfriend's first word was 'Pepsi'. Everything is starting to make more sense.