Realistic Home Organization Hacks That Actually Work

If you ever come to my home, please don’t open any drawers or cabinets. While the countertops might be clear, there is a murky secret lying just beneath the surface. What’s going on behind those drawers and cabinets is one of my greatest shames. They’re a mess. My pots and pans have no semblance of order. My linens are in a massive state of disarray. Don’t even get me started on my bathroom!

If your shame is like mine, this POPSUGAR article offers 10 hacks for dealing with our dirty little secret. They suggest placing self-adhesive cork board on the inside of a cabinet door. “Keep things like schedules posted on mudroom cabinets, and pin favorite recipes or take-out menus to kitchen cabinets.” That would definitely make that my junk drawer a little less junky.


For the kitchen, they suggest some inexpensive IKEA organizers to help you get the most out of the space you have. To get more drawer space, they suggest hanging those baking essentials like measuring spoons and mixer attachments, from the back of your cabinet. This would help free up space and make it so I’m not searching for my measuring spoons so long that I end up buying cupcakes from the supermarket.

My linen closet is probably the most shameful place in my house. Sure, everything is folded, but folding doesn’t really make a difference when it’s all shoved in there on top of each other. Nothing is together, so finding matching sheets is an ordeal. When I try to clean it up, it lasts about one laundry cycle—and then there are towels shoved wherever they’ll fit. POPSUGAR suggests acrylic shelf dividers to ensure everything stays neatly separated and placing labels on the shelves “to help you easily identify pillowcases from sheets or to organize sheet sizes.” The images it includes of everything in its right place actually made me sigh out loud.

Bonus info: If you’re looking to get your jewelry organized, instead of keeping it all in a ball in a single jewelry box like I do, POPSUGAR links to an A Beautiful Mess DIY tutorial for a jewelry cabinet.