Get a First Look at the Women Vying for Nick Viall's Heart on The Bachelor

On Monday night, ABC's The Bachelor shared the first teaser trailer for its upcoming 21st season starring forever alone former contestant Nick Viall. And it looks like Viall, 36, is finally ready to hang up his "always, always, always a bridesmaid" hat and become the bride. Or... groom, we guess.

Nick has had a very long and, quite frankly, sad relationship with The Bachelor franchise. The software salesman, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been the runner up on two seasons of the The Bachelorette. Both season 10's Andi Dorfman and Season 11's Kaitlyn Bristowe left Nick a shell of a man when they didn't give him that final rose.

Following this heartbreak, Nick competed on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise this year, making it to week six with Jennifer Saviano before leaving.

But in the upcoming season of The Bachelor, the odds are very much in Nick's favor. This time he's the sole target for 30 eligible women, so he'll probably end up with a girlfriend at the end of it. Probably.

You can watch the promo below. Post continues after video.

And it seems as though these 30 classically attractive women with impeccable hair are not at all worried by Nick's track record of heartbreak. The narrator says, "These 30 single women can't wait to get some Nick."

Get it?! Cause Nick rhymes with dick. Oh ABC, you cheeky thing.

In the teaser we hear a few of the women heap praise on dick Nick. One woman says, “He’s sexy”. Another calls him, “Super hot”. One woman just audibly sighs as if overcome by vapors. Right.

The fourth woman looks at the camera and says, “I want Nick right now."


The seasons tagline is "Get Some Nick", but if that should prove too subtle, I'd like to suggest some alternatives:

1. "'Grab Him By The Nick' - Donald Trump"

2. "Nick and Balls"

3. "Think With Your Nick"

4. "Nick and Vagina"

5. "Because Nick Sounds Like Dick"

The Bachelor’s 21 season starring Nick Viall premieres January 2nd on ABC. We can't wait. Really.