Say Goodbye to Quinoa. There Are "New" Trending Health Foods for 2017

The thing about trends is that they are a part of an endless cycle. It's kind of their thing.

Even—especially—when it comes to food.

Quinoa? Who's that? Acai bowls? What are they? A thing of the past, that's what. Since 2017 has officially kicked off, more and more yearly trend predictions are emerging, and food trends are at the front.

Made a New Year's resolution to eat a bit healthier in 2017? Never really got into kale anyway? Try incorporating one or more of these trendy health foods into your diet.


Throw away all of your rice. Apparently amaranth has nearly ten times the protein and fiber.


This root vegetable is similar to taro in that it's purple-hued and adds a subtly sweet flavor to food (or ice-cream, as the case may be).

Grapeseed/flaxseed oil

Olive oil, you had your time to shine. Grapeseed and flaxseed oils allow you to cook at higher temperatures and are quite a bit cheaper.


Kale? Is that you? Oh, no. Sorry. My mistake. It's spigarello, the Italian green that's the lovechild of broccoli and kale.


Sauerkraut is a two-ingredient side dish or meal addition that has serious digestive-system benefits. You can easily make it yourself in a mason jar by fermenting cabbage in salted brine.

Will these trends survive until 2018? Stay tuned.