We Now Know the Woman Behind Those Glorious Wendy's Tweets

On January 3 this year, the world started taking notice of the quiet hilarity of fast-food outlet Wendy's Twitter account.

The brand got into it with a Twitter troll named Thuggy-D (@NHride) and delivered a burn so good the troll actually deleted his account for a time.

Here is the exchange in all its glory:

Everyone, including Anderson Cooper, took their hats off for this cutting repartee.

And thanks to Mashable, we now know the woman behind the fast food chain's social media win is Amy Brown.

Brandon Rhoten, Wendy's VP of Advertising, tells Mashable he hired Brown four-and-a-half years ago "after trolling her on Twitter", and that her banter with an edge is what Wendy's is all about.

"The intent of the social media team is to represent the brand’s voice as best as they can," he told Mashable. "When folks say, 'Roast me,' we’re going to have fun with that."

And it's earning Wendy's new fans, including the man Brown completely destroyed. After a Twitter break, Thuggy-D returned to the platform to share his respect.

Cue the rest of the internet trying to start cheeseburger Twitter wars in 2017. For those looking to get into the social media game, Brown suggests being as real as possible.

"I think both as a brand and a human being trying to use Twitter, authenticity goes a long way. And, of course being funny doesn't hurt," she said.

Oh, and eating Wendy's over McDonald's.

H/t: Mashable

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