Women Share Their Hilarious First Date Deal Breakers

Not too long ago, I was on a first date with a man when he admitted that he voted for Donald Trump.

I laughed. He didn't.

"Wait, are you serious?" I asked, more than perturbed that I had already wasted a good deal of my time and eyeliner on this person.

He was, in fact, serious. I tried so hard to continue talking to him, I really did. But I could quickly see that this was not a situation I needed to be in at all, so as soon as he suggested we "get out of here", I did just that.

I never really thought of myself as the kind of person with "deal breakers" until that moment, but me and my Hillary Clinton tote bag high-tailed it out of there faster than I thought I was physically capable of moving.

Reddit user RealHrvat asked women to share their first date deal breakers, and the results were a mixed bag of the expected offenses (don't talk about your ex, don't be a jerk to the waiter), and seriously outrageous things that shouldn't even be an issue.

For instance, bringing family into the equation far too soon.

BasilNuts urges: "Don't bring your five-year-old child and tell him 'she's your new mommy'. Nope nope nope."

Uncappdlynx would also like to avoid family introductions upon first meeting: "Dinner date ends up being with his extended family. Since he drove us, I get stuck back at his mom's home with extended family while he disappeared somewhere. I'm not even socially comfortable around my own extended family."

Thewildbunny says her deal breaker is when guys "Ask to wear matching outfits. I wish I was kidding."

That's only acceptable if they want to dress up in Britney and Justin's circa 2001 denim ensemble.

"Don't ask her a question and then turn your attention to something else," —a very resonabe request from Dahliarenegade.

Pajamaralways discourages her dates from "Asking whether the girl had waxed or shaved her private parts."

I have to agree with her on that one.

Good luck out there, ladies.