Meryl Streep Singing to Things Is the Internet’s New Favorite Joke

Celebrities should receive a handbook on what to expect by simply existing.

If you’re shopping at the supermarket or jogging around your neighborhood, but also happen to have won eight Golden Globes, three Grammys, and two Emmys, you’re going to get noticed by someone with a phone, and your picture is going to be tweeted, and there’s going to be a humorous caption below it.

It's a reality that Meryl Streep is nowhopefullyfully aware of, thanks to her newfound meme fame.

The internet has found its latest obsession in the form of a screenshot of Streep cheering on Debbie Reynolds as the late actress accepted an award at the 2015 SAG Awards.

People were definitely feeling the photo of the Florence Foster Jenkins actor shouting on a personal level. Specifically the level of taking well-known parts of famous songs and singing them with so. Much. Emotion.

As a result, the Meryl Streep Singing meme was born, as it rightfully should have been.

Feeling nostalgic about your elementary and middle school days? There's a Meryl Streep meme for that.

You're feeling especially happy to be in New York?

There's a The Nanny marathon on TV?

You're at karaoke and 'Don't Stop Believing' comes on, but your friend won't give you the microphone?

Sing on, Meryl. We're all singing just as loud beside you.