"The Day I Ate Like Oprah Winfrey"

The morning started like any other. I woke up, realized I am not in my Montecito mansion with my long time boyfriend Stedman, and was disappointed.

Once again, I woke up and was not Oprah Winfrey.

But soon I remembered, today was different. Today was the day I was going to bring myself one step closer to living an Oprah-esque life.

Oprah's new Weight Watchers cookbook, Food, Health, and Happiness: 115 On-Point Recipes for Great Meals and a Better Lifehad finally arrived. 

Today was the day I ate like Oprah.

Available today! #FoodHealthHappiness (Link in bio)

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Like any good Oprah fan I bought the cookbook immediately. Despite the fact that I never cook from a cookbook and despite not being on Weight Watchers, I still knew that I  wanted to cook what Oprah's cooking.

After spending some time flipping through the 240-page book, and reading about Oprah's lifelong battle with food in the forward, I picked a breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipe from the 115 included.

With the pursuit of an Oprah style 'aha moment' in sight, I began my day.


Mornings are rushed in my house. I generally get out of bed at the last possible moment. After showering and convincing myself that I don't need to blow dry my hair because it's important that I embrace my hair's natural wave, I usually have to fly out the door to make it to work on time.

That is a long winded way of saying I don't usually eat breakfast.

You know who does eat breakfast?


While promoting the book on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Oprah showed Colbert how to make her "Sexy Breakfast".

That looked pretty good, but with less than 10 minutes to go before I had to leave for work I decided to make Oprah's "7 1/2 Minute Egg". Which is a hardboiled egg and has two Weight Watchers points

The ingredients are:

  • one large egg
  • Sabatino truffle salt

Okay, so I decided to make an amended "7 1/2 Minute Egg" by omitting the Sabatino truffle salt because for some odd reason I didn't have that in the house.

Before peeling and before realizing I don't know what Sabatino truffle salt even is. Image supplied.
Before peeling and after realizing I don't know what Sabatino truffle salt even is. Image supplied.

Rating: One a scale from one to four 'You Get A Cars', I give this a 1.5. It's a hard boiled egg. But who knows, maybe that Sabatino truffle salt would have taken it up to four.


Okay, so I didn't give breakfast the time and effort it deserved. So for lunch I decided to go all out.

Oprah is all about soup in her book. As she titles the section, "Soup is love", so I decide to make "Red Pepper, Sausage, and Fennel Soup".

Oprah writes, "This soup is layered with flavors. And then the fennel just gives it a slight licorice kick. Add a crunchy green salad and feel souper satisfied."

Oh Oprah.

Image via Amazon
Image via Amazon

I bought the ingredients at the grocery store, because unlike Oprah I don't have a massive vegetable garden, and set to work.

Is there anything better than a freshly picked tomato? #harvestday

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And more work.

What should have been 25 minutes of prep time and 40 minutes of cook time took a lot longer.

But, I got to put soup in my blender which made me feel like I was in an infomercial, so win!

sara oprah gif

And in the end I felt like I had actually done something. I thought, this must be how Oprah feels all the time.

Image supplied
Souper. Image supplied

Rating: 2.5 'You Get A Cars'. The soup itself was pretty tasty and I felt pretty good about my culinary skills when I was finished. But it was way too time intensive for what it was.


Okay, so breakfast and lunch were fine, but I really wanted to out do myself with dinner. I wanted to make a dinner so good that if I saw John Travolta on the street, the dinner would fortify me enough that I would instinctively say, "look there's John Travoooooolta".

I decided to make Oprah's BFF Gayle King's favorite dish. A pretzel turkey burger.

While some of the ingredients seemed a little out there—mango chutney, gala apples—I was excited because if there's one thing I love, it's pretzel bread.

I love bread. I love it.

I love bread. Photo supplied
I love bread. Image supplied

For this recipe, Oprah had me take ground turkey, and mix in a food processed mixture of mango chutney, gala apple, garlic, scallions, and spices.

sarah oprah turkey

Eventually I created something beautiful.

Something Oprah would be proud to serve Gayle.

Sure I was exhausted, but look what I did!

Who's the Oprah now? Image supplied
Who's the Oprah now? Image supplied

Rating: 3.5 'You Get a Cars'. The mixture was a little sweet for my taste, but overall, I thought the burgers were great. I'd actually make these again.

Overall Take Away

I assume living and eating like Oprah is a lot easier if you're Oprah. Oprah works incredibly hard, but she has enough money to pay people to help her.

I, on the other hand, do not.

Food, Health, and Happiness is a nice cookbook to have around if you're feeling like making something healthy yet impressive, but I don't think I'll use it regularly.

Because while I was excited by what I'd created, more than anything I was exhausted.

It's hard to live like Oprah. Image supplied
It's hard to live like Oprah. Image supplied

Now, if you'll excuse me, John Travoooooolta is coming over and I have a sexy breakfast to prepare for him.

Food, Health, and Happiness: 115 On-Point Recipes for Great Meals and a Better Life is available for purchase on Amazon for $21.66