This Woman Found Kate Middleton's Entire Wardrobe for $8,700

While we'd all love to dress like Kate Middleton, most of us consider that a pipe dream.

But for Kate Urbanksa, it's become a mission.

The U.K.-based beautician and Middleton superfan has created a replica of the Duchess of Cambridge's entire wardrobe by scouring eBay for her exact pieces and having them tailored.

Urbanska has an entire Instagram account dedicated to her recreations, @greatreplikate.

"I love Kate Middleton and her style," she told the Daily Mail. "Her look is modest, timeless and so different compared to other celebrities nowadays."

"Her look is modest, timeless and so different compared to other celebrities nowadays."

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And so far, 29-year-olsd Urbanksa has managed to spend just $8,700 on her found clothing. While it's a substantial sum, it's pocket change in comparison to the original cost of the pieces.

For example, she found a replica of the Duchess' $4,000 white and blue printed Naeem Khan dress for a measly $38.

Urbanksa works extremely hard to find and obtain her ensembles at the prices that she does.

"Rather than going for high-street replicas, I like to buy the exact high-end outfit the princess wore so I'm always looking for bargains…It doesn't matter whether I'm on the bus or waiting in line for something, whenever I have a spare moment, I'm always checking the different sites."

This isn't just a game of dress-up—Urbanksa takes the time to select outfits she can realistically wear in everyday life.

As she tells the Mail:

"You have to also be realistic about which of Kate's outfits you'll actually be able to wear in reality. You might be dazzled by a full-length gown the princess wore, but if your lifestyle doesn't require a couture dress, then don't buy it!"

Perhaps she could help us do the same for Beyoncé's wardrobe?

H/t: Daily Mail